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The new Frostbite sleeping bags feature a super-light, soft, waterproof outer membrane with superior hollow-fill insulation and a unique internal heat-retaining baffle system – the brainchild of Mr Nash.

The problem with anglers is that we want big, roomy sleeping bags, whereas mountaineering bag technology revolves around the smallest sized bag to fit close to your body, so that you are not trying to warm up large voids. This is why carpers’ sleeping bags require more insulation. Kevin has come up with the idea of fitting internal baffles that lie down the sides of your body, and at the feet, to speed up the warming process and to enhance insulation. It’s a simple solution that maximises sleeping comfort.

Nash are proud to have the unique patented Frostbite Sub 20 sleeping in the our range. The sub 20 consists of three layers. You can sleep between the bottom layer and the second layer. In colder conditions you have 2 upper layers of insulation to keep you snug and warm, whilst in hot weather conditions you can unzip and take off the top layer, leaving you with a cool summer bag.

The frostbite sub 20 is designed for the specialist angler to cope with all conditions and provides the ultimate in comfort through spring , summer, autumn, and winter. It’s simply unrivalled.

  • Patented all season three layer system – Ensuring you keep warm and snug in cold conditions and cooler in warm conditions.
  • Top two layers are extra wide for enhanced comfort.
  • Smooth crash zips for speedy exit.
  • Underside pockets and webbings to secure to bedchair – no slip.
  • Supplied with compression sack.


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