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We are proud to say that we have taken bankstick design to a new level, the new Quadra-Point has a revolutionary new point design that not only makes penetrating the ground easier but more importantly means that it eliminates twist, the unique fluted design makes it “bite” into the ground.
Due to the unique point it completely eliminates the need for a stabiliser, thus reducing the overall weight of a set up.

The outer part of the stick is machined from one solid piece of stainless i.e there are no parts that are pressed into a piece of tube, this means that they are probably the strongest bank sticks ever made. Being made from a soild piece of stainless may sound heavy, however the new Quadra-Point 10” stick weighs 319gms, our existing Rock Solid 12” stick weighs 343gms, as you can see the weights are pretty comparable.

The diameter of the top of the stick is 18mm which sits neatly between the Rock Solid range and the Super Slinky, we have done this so that the sticks can be used with either range of buzz bars with it looking smart. Length wise we have decided to do only two lengths, we have gone for a 10” stick that extends to 13” and a 14” stick that extends to 17”, this is due to the 9” & 12” being the most popular in our other ranges, this way it covers those but also slightly longer for those that would use the 16”.

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