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Fox Elevators are a specialised shape that has been CAD designed for optimum performance. The distinctive flattened three sided shape is engineered to aqua-plane up through the water when retrieved. This reduces the change of the rig coming into contact with underwater features and proves invaluable when casting past snaggy or very weedy lake beds. The exceptionally low profile also makes the Elevator perfect for river fishing in strong currents and for keeping the rig firmly in position on sharply sloping features such as the sides of bars and island margins. The Elevator is aerodynamic enough to be cast long distances if required and is ideal for boating and continental style angling.

Each lead is formed with precision injection moulding to provide a unique profile ‘crispness’ and shape consistency throughout the range. Fitted with an extremely strong and perfectly formed stainless steel loop joined to a unique swivel with an enlarged top eye specifically designed to ensure they work perfectly with safety lead clips. If required the swivel can be removed and the lead attached to the clip via the steel loop without requiring modification.

The Elevator is finished in a matt, non-reflective ‘clay brown’ with gravel speckles ensuring it will blend in discreetly with just about bottom.

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