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DEEPER SMART SONAR CHIRP + is the first castable and GPS-capable WI-FI Smart Sonar with CHIRP TECHNOLOGY. A CHIRP sonar that fits in your pocket. The Chirp Technology was originally developed by the US Navy for a better location under water.

WHY CHIRP? The clarity and extreme accuracy of CHIRP, paired with the Deeper app, gives you the strategic edge you need to accomplish more, catch faster and, above all, catch better.

WHAT IS CHIRP? A conventional sonar sends out a single frequency pulse at a time. A CHIRP (Compressed High Intensity Radiated Pulse) sonar continuously sends a flow of frequencies from low to high. The sonar values ??are
much clearer and have a higher resolution!

EXTREME DEEP PRECISION - With CHIRP surface noise and noise are minimal, so you can expect an accurate sonar reading in very shallow water, even in deep water (up to 100m)

3 BEAM FREQUENCIES FOR VERSATILITY - With the help of the 3 frequencies, you can discover and locate fish more quickly.

We are pioneers in intelligent sonar technology. With our first Smart Sonar from 2013, we have just moved up, up and up, innovated and improved. Our sonars are of the highest quality, designed and
made in Europe.

BUILT-IN GPS - Create nautical charts from shore, kayak or on ice. Your cards are automatically stored in your personal Deeper Lakebook ? ( fishing journal.
VERY POWERFUL - Scans up to 100m (330ft) with accuracy and precision. It generates its own Wi-Fi signal, so up to 100 distance you have the best connectivity.
EASY TO PORT - Wireless, small and lightweight. Fits in a tackle box and even in your pocket.
SUPER FAST LOAD - 80% in 45 minutes, 100% in 75 minutes. Go back to the water quickly.
BEST QUALITY - Made of high-strength ABS plastic with titanium inserts and with a silicone gasket, the device is not only waterproof, but also weatherproof. Temperatures down to -20 ° C are no problem.

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