ivt - 3 Stufen Automatik Lader für Bleiakkus (12V 4/8A)

ivt - 3 Stufen Automatik Lader für Bleiakkus (12V 4/8A)
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ivt - 3 Stufen Automatik Lader für Bleiakkus (12V 4/8A)
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    ivt - 3 Stufen Automatik Lader für Bleiakkus (12V 4/8A)

    Unlike chargers with the V/I-curve for these devices is the charge with constant current. Thus the charge is very much quicker, since batteries are being charged up to the end with the maximum current. In addition, the batteries are charged at 100 %. Controlled gases is desirable because of the impact of the formation of sulfate levels and thus extends the battery life.

    Up to a voltage of 14.7 V the battery is with the maximum power loaded. After this the charger change in the timer mode and the battery will be charged 1 hour with steadily decreasing flow. After 1 hour the device automatically enters standby mode and the maintenance charge at 13.8 V is initiated.
    Also suitable for charging lead-gel batteries.

    Technische Daten

      12V 4/8A
    Betriebsspannung 230VAC 50Hz
    Ladestrom 4A/8A umschaltbar
    Akkuspannung 12V
    Ladeschlußspannung 14,7V
    Erhaltungsladung 13,8V
    Abmessungen in mm 175 x 113 x 50
    Gewicht 900 g
    Art.-Nr. 900018

    If the battery polarity inadvertently incorrectly connected to the charger, the charging current is switched off. Of course, the device is short-circuit and reverse polarity protected. Three LEDs indicate the current battery level.

    Switching power supply with battery charging terminals, power line and 4-language packaging / instructions.

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