Trakker - Levelite Bed

Trakker - Levelite Bed

Trakker - Levelite Bed Trakker - Levelite Bed Trakker - Levelite Bed
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Trakker - Levelite Bed
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    Trakker - Levelite Bed

    The Levelite Bed is exactly as the name suggests – level and light! Feedback from anglers highlighted the discerning need for a bed that is not only lightweight, but still offers extreme levels of comfort. The Levelite Bed weighs in at only 9.6kg and features Trakker’s new double-hinged technology, which makes bulky locking cam wheels completely obsolete. The design of the Levelite keeps the bed very compact and easy to transport, with no annoying parts sticking out when it’s folded up. The Levelite Bed will comfortably house a thick winter sleeping bag (such as the AS365 or Layers bag) inside the bed when it’s folded up flat. It also features a patented one-touch leg extension mechanism, together with a thick fleece-covered mattress for the ultimate in support and comfort. In keeping with Trakker’s mission statement, this product truly is ‘One Step Ahead’.
    Product Features.

    • Completely level profile for a perfect night’s sleep
    • Super-quick to use; simply unclip and unfold
    • Compact pack-down with no parts sticking out
    • Unique patented leg mechanism – push the button and it drops into position
    • Thick padded mattress
    • Soft fleece inner, hard-wearing outer
    • Rotating mud feet
    • Strong aluminium and steel frame
    • Free-standing in closed position

    Technical Specifications.

    • Material: Aluminium/stainless steel frame
    • Weight: Approx 9.6kg
    • Dimensions: L214cm x W88cm (open); L76cm x 88cm (closed)


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