Pinewood - Heating Vest Black

Pinewood - Heating Vest Black

Pinewood - Heating Vest Black
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Pinewood - Heating Vest Black

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    Pinewood - Heating Vest Black

    Stop freezing! Been waiting for prey while hunting or fishing and felt the cold come crawling? Been freezing so much that you were shivering or actually returned home? Been sitting mid-air in a high chair / ski lift wishing you were elsewhere? Been out watching winter sports trying to keep yourself warm? Working outdoors during the winter, or are you just freezing in general wherever you go? The solution is adding heat to the body through a battery-powered heated vest which reaches, when warmest, close to 50?C and lasts up to 9-10 hours. It will, after activated, generate heat within minutes. The parameters of use are endless. The technology is well proven and we are confident your days outdoors during winter will be both longer and more comfortable. Time to stop freezing!

    Sporty Men’s and Ladies vest with chest pocket. Lightly padded. A low collar to aid the wearing of a scarf, or similar. The vest has two extra large and soft infrared heating panels made of carbon fiber. The panels are strategically placed at the lower back and upper shoulders, generating comfort and obviously keeping you warm.

    In the left pocket there is an extra storage pocket for the highly efficient and re-chargeable lithium 6000 mAh battery. The vest has three different heat levels that can easily be set by simple pushes on the control button. Button is easily accessible upon the left chest area. Vest can with extra comfort also be used as a warming 2nd-layer garment without heating panels being switched on. For maximum heating comfort wear a tight fitting vest as close to the body as possible, preferably worn directly on a base layer.

    Contents: 1 pc vest, 1 pc smart 100-240V EU battery charger, 1 pc battery, 1 pc instruction manual. Fabric: 100% nylon. Padding: 100% polyester.

    Colour: black/red.

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