Nash - ZED Bed 3

Nash - ZED Bed 3
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Nash - ZED Bed 3
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      198cm x 79cm
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    Nash - ZED Bed 3

    Enter the Nash Zed Beds – carp bed logic from Nash. The carp world’s first truly flat bed that entirely eliminates the necessity for a hand wheel. Wide Boy width, extra-long, and incredible value.

    A brand new concept from the world leaders in carpers sleeping comfort. We recognise anglers no longer use bedchairs as they were originally intended - a bed at night and a chair in the day.  In this modern age carp anglers leave their beds in their bivvies, using them for sleeping only.  Hand wheels are obsolete; removing excess weight, bulk and obstruction.  The Zed Bed enables the angler to sleep flat or by adjusting the head section legs, inclined. 

    • The Zed Bed offers increased length and maximum width at a realistic price.
    • Un-interrupted lay flat design without the fuss, weight and obstruction of a hand wheel
    • Leg tilt provides head / pillow incline for enhanced comfort
    • Extra-long with maximum width
    • Super strong rigid frame
    • Compacter buckle and webbing means less bulk
    • Fully adjustable legs featuring swivelling mud feet with peg holes to prevent slip on inclines


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