Nash - TT Rig Station Carry Bag

Nash - TT Rig Station Carry Bag

Nash - TT Rig Station Carry Bag
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Nash - TT Rig Station Carry Bag
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    Nash - TT Rig Station Carry Bag

    With increasingly crafty carp and the challenges of different and varying lakes and fishing situations, today’s carp angler has to carry a vast array of varying terminal tackle. Anglers have dealt with this issue by using tackle boxes for the smaller items such as hooks, swivels, hooklink materials etc whilst spreading out larger items – marker floats, PVA, scissors, leads etc throughout their rucksacks and carryalls. This causes an endless quest to try and find that vital missing item and then during fishing, keep it all together without treading on it or knocking it off your bivvy table. The TT Rig Station compactly condenses and organises all your terminal tackle - it is the carp world's first bivvy station, work station and total tackle storage solution.

    TT Rig Station features...

    - Total capacity tackle box - 46cm (l) x 30cm (w) with a double depth of 10cm to provide compartments to accommodate those larger items like spods and PVA.

    - Compartments with infinite variable partitioning. Supplied with four large and eight small dividers.

    - Lid/worktop features no ribbing to provide a smooth uninterrupted surface - Metric and imperial calibration for accurately tying rigs - Deep lip to prevent tackle spill.

    - Seperately available: Externally mounted water tank for critically balancing rigs or use for hookbait/popup storage.

    - Seperately available: Externally mounted Needle/baiting box. Foam lined main compartment for needles, baiting tools etc. Two lidded compartments for hair stops etc

    - Integrated spring-loaded adjustable legs with mud feet. Rig station height 33.5cm extending height 39cm

    - Storage draw with integral rig board. Supplied with 20 rig pins

    - Ready to go rig retaining loops

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