Nash - Indulgence Hi-Back

Nash - Indulgence Hi-Back
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Nash - Indulgence Hi-Back
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    Nash - Indulgence Hi-Back

    The epitome of luxury; this high back version of famous indulgence chairs features an extra long extended back section to maximise comfort and protect the neck and head from chilling winds.

    • Luxury padded suede effect cover with a double depth filling
    • Super hard wearing cover, reinforced for optimum support.
    • Super strong frame with oval sidebars for enhanced strength and rigidity in a green ‘carp’ textured finish.
    • Extra long legs critically angled to optimise stability.
    • The extra long legs provide the perfect height for ease of mobility.
    • Pivoting, extra large, sure-foot mud feet enhance stability and load spread on soft ground.
    • Fully reclinable and featuring the Nash hand wheel ratchet system, cleverly designed to minimise hand wheel jamming.

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