Nash - Indulgence Air Bed 4

Nash - Indulgence Air Bed 4

Nash - Indulgence Air Bed 4
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Nash - Indulgence Air Bed 4

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    Nash - Indulgence Air Bed 4

    Ultimate comfort, complete versatility

    The first truly all season bedchair, Air Beds should not be confused with traditional bedchairs. Use in conjunction with the new patented Air Bed Conversion Bag or Air Frame Accessories and you can now enjoy optimum warmth in winter, as well as a comfortable night’s sleep on the most humid of nights. Available in both 3 and 4 leg format in Standard and Wide Boy there is an Air Bed to suit everyone.

    • Strengthened oval cellular frame for correct body alignment and support
    • Lay flat frame with head section incline through leg adjustment
    • Mesh Base provides air flow comfort on hot summer nights
    • Removable deep pile foam and hollow fibre insulated mattress
    • One touch adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet
    • Compression strap ensures level load base on Trax barrows
    • For the ultimate sleeping solution combine with an Indulgence Air Bed Conversion Bag
    • Also compatible with Nash sleeping bags which can be left in place for storage
    • Compatible with Indulgence Air Frame Pillow, Air Shroud and Air Shield Underlay
      Fast fit elastic loops around the Air Bed skirts to secure Indulgence Air Shroud and Air Frame Pillow


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