Nash - Bullet Braid NXT - 500m

Nash - Bullet Braid NXT - 500m

Nash - Bullet Braid NXT - 500m
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Nash - Bullet Braid NXT - 500m

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    Nash - Bullet Braid NXT - 500m

    Selling by the mile on reputation and total performance, Bullet is the prime example of a product that sells itself. Use it and you?ll be in no doubt why it has been the first choice main line braid for so many top anglers for a decade and more. Extra dense and incredibly fast sinking Bullet is perfect for slack line applications, so supple that it sits along the lake bed whatever the contours between you and the end tackle, hidden away from line shy carp and inconspicuous with its weed green matt finish. Zero stretch gives unrivalled contact with the rig, the extra density of Bullet and increasing pressure on the hook point for more takes. But unlike every other fast sinking braid Nash have tested Bullet holds aces up its sleeve. Fine for its breaking strain Bullet casts superbly, making it popular as an extreme distance casting line, but also breaks ABOVE its labelled breaking strain ? unlike the majority of braided lines sold to carp and specialist anglers.

    Add in superb abrasion resistance from a tough Dyneema blend weave and Bullet performs head and shoulders beyond the competition.

    Key Features:

    • Fast sinking extra dense main line braid
    • Low diameter for excellent casting performance
    • Breaks above its labelled breaking strain
    • Zero stretch magnifies bite indication
    • Available in 15, 20 and 25 lb 200 and 500 metre spools

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