Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black

Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black

Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black
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Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black

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    Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black

    Our in-house designer has taken the classic hoodie and completely remodeled it to improve fit, functionality and styling. The resulting garment is what we call ‘action fit’. The raglan shoulder and stretchy underarm panel allow free movement, while retaining the tailored fit. In short, the hoodies are comfy, and don’t look like they’ve been modeled on a potato sack! The hoodie has been cut from 320gsm fleece jersey, which offers a rich, cosy feel against the skin too.

    Other features include a snug crossover fronted hood, neat drawcord loops (so they don’t dangle on the fish when you’re doing photos!), thumb inserts as well as secure gadget compartments in the kangaroo pocket (one for the phone and one for the receiver). It’s also been made in the UK so we could ensure the quality is met with our Korda standard.

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      Korda - TK Hoody (Team Korda) - Black

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