Korda - Solidz PVA Bags

Korda - Solidz PVA Bags

Korda - Solidz PVA Bags
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Korda - Solidz PVA Bags

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    Korda - Solidz PVA Bags

    Twelve years ago Korda launched the first ever PVA Funnelweb system and this product has stood the test of time. Yet again we have taken PVA to another level with our Solidz range of PVA bags. Korda Solidz are designed to deliver a compact package of bait at any range and will be a huge hit with all you solid-bag users. Some of the countries most successful carp anglers such as Ian Poole and Gaz Fareham swear by them!

    Manufactured at Korda to a stringent specification using the highest-grade film available, Solidz have a virtually neutral PH, melt rapidly and are extremely robust. They are absolutely ideal for distance casting, due to the soild, extra tough base. There is zero residue when melting, they are completely aroma free and obviously biodegradable.

    There is a range of different sizes to suit every occasion and what’s more, they are particularly easy to load due to the unique bag loader that comes complete with every pack. Simply load up, construct the bag and catch some carp!


    XS – 25 Bags

    S – 25 Bags

    M – 20 Bags

    L – 20 Bags

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