Korda - Mini Rig Safe

Korda - Mini Rig Safe

Korda - Mini Rig Safe Korda - Mini Rig Safe
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Korda - Mini Rig Safe
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    Korda - Mini Rig Safe

    We’ve overhauled our rig-storage solutions recently, and this new Rig-Safe is the result. It’s robust and compact, yet it will hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs! As you’d expect, we’ve tweaked the design to include several neat upgrades compared to the traditional rig box. The magnetic locking system ensures that the box can’t come open in transit, and is easy to open, even in the wet and cold of a UK winter! The rigs are secured by hooking over a ridged aluminium bar that prevents tangles, and the hook end of the box is slightly recessed to protect those hook points. The RigSafe comes with 30 standard single pins and 15 double pins, which have been designed to secure hook links that haven’t been finished with a loop or swivel, allowing you to leave final adjustments to rig length until you’re in the swim. The case is finshed in a carpy soft-touch rubber too!

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