Korda - Kwik Link, Small

Korda - Kwik Link, Small

Korda - Kwik Link, Small
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Korda - Kwik Link, Small
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    Korda - Kwik Link, Small

    The Korda Kwik Link has been specially designed to aid the angler to change the size of lead on our Running Rig. However, it has a multitude of uses and can be used for anything that needs to be attached or removed quickly and easily, such as a marker float.
    Danny says: “I now use the Kwik Links for all of my fishing. I attach the link to the swivel that is held inside the inline or lead clip. I then tie an overhand loop in the end of the hook link making sure I tighten the knot fully, especially when I use the Hybrid material.
    “It is actually best to tighten the knots over steam to ensure that it beds down fully. I slide a small length of our new 3mm Silicone Sleeve onto the hook link before clipping it onto the Kwik Link. I then slide the silicone up over the Kwik Link to stop any chance of the hook link unthreading during the cast.
    “I can now change hook links within seconds and I do not have to pull the swivel in and out of the lead clip. This prevents any wear and tear and so extends the working life of each clip. The longer the swivel stays in the firmer the grip becomes. This ensures the lead will pull off the clip if it gets snagged during the fight.”

    Also available in extra small.

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