Korda - Chodsafe

Korda - Chodsafe

Korda - Chodsafe Korda - Chodsafe Korda - Chodsafe
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Korda - Chodsafe
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    Korda - Chodsafe

    If you use chod rigs, or hinged stiff rigs then you’re going to want one of these neat cases. They’re an impact-proof way to curve and store up to 28 perfect Mouth Trap hook sections, of a range of lengths. Two different diameter sections allow you to set, and keep both short and longer pre-tied chod rigs in the perfect fish-catching curve. What’s more, there’s also space for three pre-tied leadcore leaders (or similar) with Heli-Safe beads attached. Those clever design bods have engineered a pop-up handle to allow you to steam your chods into the perfect curve, without burning your fingers too! The ChodSafe is finished in a soft-touch rubber and features a neat magnetic closure system to prevent it opening in transit. Each ChodSafe comes with thirty pins to secure your rigs to the foam-lined cylindrical sections.

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