Korda - Chod Rig Long Barbless

Korda - Chod Rig Long Barbless

Korda - Chod Rig Long Barbless
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Korda - Chod Rig Long Barbless

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    Korda - Chod Rig Long Barbless

    Our new ready-tied chod rigs really are perfection in a packet! Not only are they super-convenient, they’re also flawlessly tied. In fact, we’re not sure that any of our experienced chod-rig anglers, Danny Fairbrass included, could tie a neater version! Each rig has been tied to exacting standards, using the knots and techniques that Danny uses for his own rigs. That means that each ready-tied rig has been constructed using Dan’s special whipping knot, which gives unrivaled neatness and allows the knot to sit perfectly on the shank.

    What’s more, rather than simply releasing one version, we’ve taken into consideration the fact that some anglers prefer short choddies, whereas others like a longer version, and released both types. So, if you like your choddies short like Darrell Peck’s naked chod rig or, you prefer them longer, like Adam Penning’s traditional leadcore rig, then you’ll find a rig to suit.

    The rigs are tied with Mouth Trap, which instantly places them above all other ready-tied chods, simply because it’s the most workable material ever! The Mouth Trap is tied to the ever-reliable Choddy hook, which practically guarantees a secure hook hold.

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