Fox - Supa Brolly MK2 Overwrap

Fox - Supa Brolly MK2 Overwrap

Fox - Supa Brolly MK2 Overwrap
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Fox - Supa Brolly MK2 Overwrap

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    Fox - Supa Brolly MK2 Overwrap

    Attention: This is the Overwrap for the Fox Supa Brolly MK2!
    Fox - Supa Brolly MK2

    Following a lengthy research and development process we are pleased to announce that we have a new Supa Brolly MK2 range that features four new models. There is a Supa Brolly 60 and Supa Brolly 60 System as well as the slightly smaller Supa Brolly 50 and Supa Brolly 50 System for anglers that don?t require so much space or are fishing tighter swims. All four models feature our new Khaki-coloured Ventec material, which is a thicker grade compared to the Ventec Lite previously used on the original Supa Brolly?s. In addition to this upgraded material, all four models feature our new protective, compression plastic bell cap with rubber gasket seal (patent pending), which we believe is a big step forward from the original design. We have also added rear mozzy mesh vents to all MK2 models to ensure that whichever one you chose you benefit from maximum airflow in those warmer months. All models also benefit from tweaked storm pole caps, which now cover the point of the storm pole to ensure no damage can occur to your brolly when in transit. Both the 60 and 50 Systems also benefit from a new front door design that enables you to choose between separate solid, clear PVC or mesh doors, rather than having to attach options over the top of the existing door like previous models. This change means that you get a larger mesh and PVC door panel than previously. Both open front brolly?s have full Mozzy Mesh fronts available to purchase separately.

    Common features on all models:

    ? New khaki Ventec material
    ? Rear mozzy mesh air vents
    ? New protective, compression bell cap (patent pending)
    ? Multiple pegging points to enable you to adjust height
    ? Patented Self-Tensioning System (STS) gives increased headroom so you no longer bang your head on the spokes!
    ? Fully taped seams
    ? 8mm Fibre Glass Frame makes it very strong yet lightweight
    ? Extended side skirts provide extra protection from the elements
    ? 4 back ribs touch ground, which greatly aids stability
    ? Optional Fibreglass front support rib supplied, which can simply be threaded into place to give further stability and create an Apex peak at the front for better drainage when it rains
    ? Front drain pipe - diverts rain from dripping off the front of the brolly
    ? Short central pole allows for easy erection
    ? 4 storm caps
    ? Rod retaining strap
    ? 2 x 24inch storm poles (Systems also come supplied with 2 x 36ins storm poles)
    ? Looped locking collar, which is great for hanging items such as lamps and receivers
    ? Supplied with heavy-duty bivvy pegs, heavy-duty groundsheet and heavy-duty, oversized carry bag with full length zip

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