Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy

Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy

Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy
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Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy
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    Fox - Royale XXL Bivvy

    It has been said by many respected authorities in the world of fishing tackle, including the Angling Times’ chief tackle tester, Mark Sawyer that our new Royale bivvy represents the best entry-level pram-hood shelter ever released onto the market. In fact Mark described the product when he first saw it as a ‘show stopper!’

    The Royale is based on our very popular Warrior Hood shelter, which has undertaken an extensive re-design to get it to the eye-catching bivvy that you see before you on these pages. As with all of our new bivvies for 2012 the Royale benefits from a re-worked rear structure to vastly increase internal space in addition to a number of other handy features to ensure that you get top quality value for your money.

    There are two models in the Royale range; the Standard and the XXL, the latter of which is absolutely enormous and perfect for the long session or overseas angler.

    Extending Wrap

    Another common feature with all of our new shelters for 2012 is that they have an extending wrap available separately for them and the Royale is no different. By adding the extending wrap to either Royale model you will make them noticeably bigger whilst also increasing the warmth inside and protection against condensation. The front doors on the wraps are designed to replicate those on the bivvies themselves.

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