Fox - Power Guard Method

Fox - Power Guard Method

Fox - Power Guard Method
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Fox - Power Guard Method
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    Fox - Power Guard Method

    The Power-Guard Mega Method catapult is designed to introduce small and medium sized groundbait ‘method’ balls with pinpoint accuracy and precision.

    The unique, patented knuckle defender protects the hand during use, taking the sting out of baiting up. The sculptured grip features a soft touch rubber overmould which is designed to fit comfortably for either left or right handed users.

    The one piece moulded pouch eliminates any possible weak spots by avoiding welding and stitching. The special design provides exceptional durability and encases the groundbait ball during firing, preventing it from falling out or breaking apart.

    The length and specification of the latex is the result of many months field testing and data compiling. These 12” lengths combined with the extra heavy duty latex enable single method balls to be fired accurately and consistently to great range.

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