Fox - Impact Spod - Large

Fox - Impact Spod - Large

Fox - Impact Spod - Large
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Fox - Impact Spod - Large
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    Fox - Impact Spod - Large

    Fox - Impact Spod

    The Impact Spod boasts a number of unique features that sets it apart from any other bait delivery device currently on the market. Features such as a unique ‘scoop’ body shape, allow for rapid, single handed loading. This unique body and lid design not only enables you to fill the device very quickly, it also allows for highly efficient loading, resulting in a ‘one scoop’ operation that fills the entire inner compartment! This ‘complete fill’ enables you to put your bait out as quickly as possible, and additionally allows for an even weight distribution, which in turn makes it very stable in flight. Another benefit of the scoop design, in addition to the easy loading, is that it enables a tapered bait release should you wish to create a wider spread of free offerings, as opposed to tightly grouped patches, this is feature can be particularly handy when fishing a boilie-only approach or ‘big hit’ fishing with multiple rods on one large baited area. Sold under license from Spomb® Fishing Limited.

    Key Features:

    • Scoop design allows for rapid single handed loading
    • Efficient filling shape for a ‘complete fill’
    • Aerodynamically tuned for optimum casting performance for accurate baiting at extreme long range
    • Spring mechanism is encapsulated to prevent bait from being able to interfere with it
    • Intrinsically buoyant - In the event of a crack-off it will float and drift into the margins
    • Robust, damage preventing design
    • Top quality, anti-rust stainless steel components
    • Large heavy-duty swivel moulded into top of flight
    • Unique shape allows for wider spread of bait should you wish to do so
    • Two sizes available: Medium and Large

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