Fox - Horizon X - Full Cork

Fox - Horizon X - Full Cork

Fox - Horizon X - Full Cork
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Fox - Horizon X - Full Cork

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    Fox - Horizon X - Full Cork

    Thanks to advancements in carbon technology we have been able to replace our hugely popular Horizon range of rods with this new and improved Horizon X range.

    The Horizon X is a very comprehensive range with no less than 12 models featuring comprising three different handle options, lengths of 10, 12 and 13ft plus test curves ranging from as low as 2.25lb right up to 3.5lb so there really is something for everyone. All of the models in the range now feature a 2k diagonal carbon wrap on the butt and a 1k diagonal carbon wrap on the tip (as opposed to a 3k on butt and 2k on tip on original Horizon), which makes them not only much stronger but also greatly aids their performance too as the stronger butt section enables you ‘punch’ a lead much harder on the cast whilst the tip recovery is faster allowing those vital extra yards to be added! In addition due to advances in technology the blanks are lighter than previously, which again aids the performance across the whole range.

    You will also notice that the new Horizon X feature a few cosmetic changes to the old Horizons, which we feel gives them a more modern, understated feel. All models in the range now feature black fixing hoods on the Fuji 18mm reel seats and black Fox Slik Anti-Tangle Guides throughout.
    In terms of handle options you there are 3 models that feature an sexy, skinny Duplon handle and three models that feature a skinny cork handle too. We also have six models that come supplied with a standard abbreviated handle option.

    • High strength 2K/1K carbon construction
    • Fuji 18mm reel seat
    • Anti tangle Fox Slik guides
    • Black cappings and fixing hoods
    • Various handle options available
    • Understated cosmetics

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