Fox - FX Combo Chair

Fox - FX Combo Chair

Fox - FX Combo Chair Fox - FX Combo Chair Fox - FX Combo Chair
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Fox - FX Combo Chair
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    Fox - FX Combo Chair

    Use 1 - Traditional Bedchair Buddy: Firstly it can be used across the middle of a bedchair as a traditional bedchair buddy. This is perfect for when you want to sit up and read a book/magazine or socialise with friends in the bivvy when the weather is bad outside. The unique reinforced rear leg structure simple extends across the bedchair and overhangs the end of it giving you a very firm, and comfortable chair on the bedchair. This will fit practically all bedchairs on the market.

    Use 2 - Doorway Chair: With most modern shelters they are designed for your bedchair to be situated as far back into the bivvy as possible. Therefore being sat across the bedchair is not ideal if you want to simply sit and watch the water looking for those carpy signs. Thanks to the rear leg design it can easily be reduced to its shortest length (via the simple twist collar mechanism). You can then simply place the angled foot onto the frame of your bedchair that is nearest to the front door enabling you sit in the doorway. This means you can still stay protected from the elements but have a much better view of the lake in front of you.

    Use 3 - Low Chair: Finally the chair can also be used on its own as a standalone low chair should you wish to sit outside of the bivvy besides your rods or offer a chair to a guest that visits your swim. Due to the angle of the rear leg and also the length of the adjustable front legs you can sit very comfortably in the chair for hours on end.

    The FX Combo Chair features the same fleece lined high density foam padding as the award-winning Flatliner bedchairs, which ensures maximum comfort. In addition it also has retaining clips on both sides to enable you to lock the chair shut and prevent it opening when being carried (allowing you to store essential bits when moving swims etc). Finally the chair comes supplied with padded, removable shoulder strap enabling you to keep your hands free for other items of tackle when carrying it to and from a swim.

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