Fortis - Square Top

Fortis - Square Top

Fortis - Square Top
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Fortis - Square Top

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    Fortis - Square Top

    The Fortis Eyewear Square Tops sunglasses are produced in a matte black colour (SQ001) with a soft touch finish. The square nature of the polarised lens offers significant protection from reflected light rays. Weighing in at just 23 grams these are supremely comfortable and ideal for all day wear.

    The tortoise shell Square Tops (SQ002) are tailored in a unique half tortoise shell half black material giving them distinctive & desirable looks. These glasses pack well above their weigh for their price point!

    The grey lenses (SQ001) reduces the light intensity without affecting the colour spectrum. Relatively neutral and clear, which is why it is suitable for long-term wearing without putting an excessive load on the eye. Considered a great choice for fishermen in medium to bright light conditions. The brown lenses on the tortoise shell Square Tops (SQ002) offer superb contrast definition, making them ideal for fish spotting. Perfect for all conditions and extremely comfortable for long term wear.

    The Fortis Eyewear Square Tops also come equipped with a branded protective case and micro fibre cleaning pouch to keep your glasses gleaming!

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