ESP - Raptor Curve Shanx

ESP - Raptor Curve Shanx

ESP - Raptor Curve Shanx
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ESP - Raptor Curve Shanx

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    ESP - Raptor Curve Shanx

    Curve-Shanx have a precise contour and down-turned eye which continues this perfect curve.

    When tied to a flexible link such as soft braid or a stripped portion of coated Dyneema, they can be relied upon to turn over and provide a secure, correctly located hook hold virtually every time. The long, straight needle point is exceptionally sharp and combines with the low profile micro barb to aid penetration. Produced in super high carbon steel, the pattern is heavily forged for maximum strength and has a non-glare, ultra slick PTFE finish for improved durability.

    Available in sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 including the critical intermediates so you can achieve the perfect ratio of bait size and hair length to a wide variety of bottom baits and pop ups.

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