Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard

Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard

Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard
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Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard
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    Cygnet - Grand Sniper Pod - Standard

    Durability, versatility and practicality in one pod for ANY application. The legs move independantly for a totally secure set-up on any terrain. The ‘dog-leg’ buzzer bar supports eliminate interference with your indicator systems. And when your rods are in an elevated position the buzzer bars can be adjusted so that your alarms are always at 90 degrees to your rods.

    Complete with 2x10” and 2x12” fully adjustable legs, one pair of 3 rod fixed buzzer bars, Quicklock Butt rests and a padded case.

    Features include:

    • 3 rod buzzer bars supplied with 4 rod bars available as an extra 
(standard and deluxe)
    • Unique leg locking mechanism that allows each leg to move 
independently for the ultimate in terms stability and 
ease of use
    • Rods can be fished from low level to a very high elevated 
position just by changing the legs
    • Quick release buzzer bar attachments and Quicklock mechanisms for the bar supports and legs mean the pod can be assembled / disassembled extremely quickly.


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