Chub - Sat-A-Lite Headlight SL250

Chub - Sat-A-Lite Headlight SL250

Chub - Sat-A-Lite Headlight SL250
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Chub - Sat-A-Lite Headlight SL250
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    Chub - Sat-A-Lite Headlight SL250

    The Chub Sat-A-Lite SL-250 is the ultimate LED head torch. The main beam has an extremely powerful 125 lumen maximum output, perfectly suited for anglers that require extra illumination when needed. Add to this the focus control that allows normal flood light, particularly useful for night time capture photos or a 4x spot beam for distance work or checking line angles.

    Unlike other head lights the single function button will first activate low power (suitable for most tasks) then high power if required. This not only allows you to minimise bank side disturbance but also helps to maximize battery life. A secondary mode allows you to access two night vision red LED's at the single press of a button.

    There is also a single green LED particularly useful for night reading. Another useful function is the ‘instant off' smart switch, so no more cycling through to off, just one press when you've been in one mode over three seconds. Other features include; a 10 position angle adjustment, upgraded AA battery pack, (Duracell) batteries included, rear facing LED with flashing mode, and emergency main beam flashing mode.

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