Century - NG Landing Net - Kescher

Century - NG Landing Net - Kescher

Century - NG Landing Net - Kescher
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Century - NG Landing Net - Kescher

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    Century - NG Landing Net - Kescher

    The net is critical to successful landing of a specimen and Century has designed a range that will care for the safety of the fish and enable all environmental considerations to be satisfied.

        •    The spreader arms have been designed to give maximum cord tension using a special group of compound tapers. This enables the net to be positioned positively without the net changing in shape or size when pushed under the fish in difficult bankside conditions.
        •    The net mesh is optimised between leads being caught in net and minimum water resistance pulling net through water. The mesh has also been chosen to be as fish friendly as possible.
        •    The spreader block is machined from a solid block of high-grade stainless steel and the carbon arms are located in stainless ferrules that precisely slot into the block.
        •    The shaft is constructed from a variety of carbon fibres that give a low diameter and high column loading.
        •    The shaft is built up at the base using composites and covered with a special rubber handle for good grip.
        •    A 24” (60cm) extension handle easily slots into the butt of the main shaft to give good reach when using 13’ rods or where the prevailing conditions make banking difficult. The extension handle is also important to keep rod geometry proportional and helps avoid placing a very tight radial curve in the tip.
        •    Available with 42” (1.07m) arms and 54” (1.37m) arms.

    Many anglers have requested that we produce a landing net to match the finish on their rods. We have kept the design principals the same in each range and adjusted the surface finish to match.

    The range of options are NG, NCS, FS, FMJ/SP, Armalite and FBS.
    Precision made stainless steel components in spreader block
    and black anodised aluminium end caps - drilled and rebated for
    draw cord. (Pictured model not anodised to show arrangement)

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