Bag2Zero - Minus 16 Grad Version

Bag2Zero - Minus 16 Grad Version

Bag2Zero - Minus 16 Grad Version
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Bag2Zero - Minus 16 Grad Version

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    Bag2Zero - Minus 16 Grad Version

    A football match lasts 90 minutes and a festival possibly even three days. Where cooling is needed without electricity, chilled drinks are often no longer available already after the first day.


    The same applies to foods during a canoe or trekking trip. With the bag2zero you can even keep your fish caught during your fishing weekend constantly under zero degrees.bag2zero is a cool pack which can keep temperatures at freezing point and even up to -16° degrees Celsius for a period of 72 hours in an isolated environment. Its composition is entirely non toxic which makes it ideal for cooling all types of foods. The gel-style cooler batteries are very robust, light to transport, environmentally friendly and can be used for 5 years.


    The zero degrees version can be recharged within 24 hours in a standard freezer. The -16° version which is mainly used in the medical field, requires several days for recharging in a normal household freezer. In a special cooled environment of -40 degrees, these are also ready to use within 24 hours.



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