Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System

Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System

Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System
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Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System
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    Aqua - M3 - Bivvy Mozzi System

    The Armo M3 built for comfort and speed the long standing no compromise year round shelter has just been improved for the coming season a new era of comfort has landed in the shape of the M3, we have kept all of the high spec design features from last year and made it better. This year we took the standard Aquatexx and made it better not because we had to but because we wanted to raise the bar how only market leaders can.

    Along with the new improved Aquatexx we have added a rear vent to aid circulation on those balmy nights. Also featured this year for the first time is panoramic vision provided by smaller door and window strips meaning more mesh and a more complete view of the lake? Another first is you will no longer need to purchase anything extra the M3 will come in a heavy duty carry all complete with T pegs tension strap and window not to mention a brand new tension bar system featuring interlocking precision moulded nylon fittings.

    • Aquatexx material
    • Mozzi door and window panels
    • 3 rib system
    • 2 break pole system
    • Full removable infill panel
    • Removable peak
    • Heavy duty groundsheet
    • Heavy duty pegs supplied
    • 140 cm  (h) 225 cm (d) 245 cm (w)

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