Aqua - Fast and Lite Brolly

Aqua - Fast and Lite Brolly

Aqua - Fast and Lite Brolly
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Aqua - Fast and Lite Brolly
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    Aqua - Fast and Lite Brolly

    After the launch of the very successful Brolly System and the feedback from our customers we were asked to provide “A simple Brolly” Many anglers found that they didn’t require such comforts as a groundsheet and infill. Our brief was clear... and along came the Fast & Light Brolly.

    The Fast & Light Brolly has the superlative features of the full system - the unique ninth rib that gives unrivalled cover for the front of the shelter; the performance-grade Aquatexx® that has become standard across our range; and extended storm sides. All built onto a 55” hi-tensile powder-coated steel frame. This offers today’s anglers the ultimate in speed along with the stability and strength that’s expected from an Aqua product... one that will serve you for many years to come.

    Storm rods and Groundsheet are not included but are available seperately.

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